How To Hire a Christmas Lighting Company

Most of my new customers don’t know what to look for in a Christmas Lighting Company in Utah.  There are a number of variables to consider in your search.  Clean Cut Lighting gets a lot of business from customers who had bad experiences with other companies.  We really enjoy turning around customers bad images of professional Christmas Lighting Companies.  Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a company.

  1. Is your Christmas Lighting Company insured?  The last thing you want is a Christmas Lighting Company that is not insured.  Make sure you ask if the company has general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.  Some Christmas lighting companies have liability insurance, few have workers compensation for their seasonal workers. Make sure your company has both.  Clean Cut Lighting covers general liability insurance and workers compensation.  We want to make sure you, and our employees are taken care of.
  2. How much Christmas Lighting experience do they have?  You run a big risk in hiring a brand new Christmas Lighting Company with owners who have no clue what the industry is about.  There are a lot of fly by night companies.  They will install your lights, take your money, disconnect their phone, and never take your lights down.  This is all to common.  Jared, Clean Cut Lighting’s Owner, has over 10 years of experience with Christmas Lighting.  You could say he was invested in the industry.  Clean Cut Lighting will provide professional Christmas Lighting Services at an Affordable price.
  3. Are they reasonably priced?  There are companies out there who charge a lot of money for Christmas Lighting.  There are also companies out there who charge next to nothing for Christmas Lighting.  Beware!  Companies that are interested in nothing but their bottom line will pressure you into a sale and take as much money from you as they can.  In contrast, there is a standard price companies must charge in order to provide quality service and stay in business.  Clean Cut Lighting will outbid our competition 95% of the time.  You will save money by hiring Clean Cut Lighting but you will not regret the decision later.

We’re out to build healthy relationships with our customers so they can enjoy their Christmas Lights at an affordable price.  Book your estimation today so we can help you with your Christmas Lighting.

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